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Regular Concerts in Cologne from now on!

Hey everyone,

thank you so much for being there for me and supporting me, this really means a huge deal to me and I hope I'm doing enough to show my appreciation.

I remember endless conversations in which people eventually asked me whether one can see me live some time, and mostly my answer consisted of one or two dates in the near future.

Finally, this has come to an end. I'm delighted to announce that from now on I will be gigging regularly at the lovely bar "Mojitos".

Visit me there every 1st, 3rd and (if there is one) 5th Thursday of the month and enjoy the campfire atmosphere along with fantastic drinks!

Looking forward to seeing y'all there at 9pm!

Mojitos Cologne

Zülpicher Str. 34

50667 Köln


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Gig time changes to 8pm!

As I mentioned previously, I'm playing regular concerts at the Mojitos bar every 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday of the month. The time has now changed, the concerts start at 8pm (instead of 9pm) now! Looki


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