When Cologne-based 27 year-old singer/songwriter Nico Grund was handed a guitar during a school project at age fifteen, he decided to hold on to it for good.
In 2017, Nico self-released his first album titled “Black & White” and in 2020, he released a 6-track EP titled “For the Right Reasons” with London-based label “Dreamscope Media Group”. In May 2021, he released a live unplugged EP called "The Campfire Sessions".

Influenced by such artists as Daughtry, John Mayer, Blake Shelton, and Simple Plan, Grund also draws inspiration from his own drive to lift up those who feel inferior and not enough.
He has performed his present repertoire of music, all of which sit comfortably within the soft-rock and country-pop genres, at over 200 venues both in Germany and the UK. In late 2020 he was a semi-finalist in Luke Mockridge’s boyband casting in his prime time TV show “Luke! Die Greatnightshow” and performed live on stage with Vanessa Mai.

His upcoming projects include two feature singles to be released in summer 2021.
Nico is currently working on his PhD in material physics at the German Aerospace Center and performing at weddings for a living.